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We believe your surroundings should reflect your individualized personalty.

Your interiors spaces should provide a sense of joy and harmony.  VARO can graciously create a space that is perfect for YOU.

About Us


Designers at Varo combine their talent for design with their love of collaborating with clients to create personalized, inspired and practical spaces.  To ensure optimal results each project is carefully managed from design development to the finishing details.


Our mission is to gracefully design, plan and manage optimal environments through inspired collaboration and interactive process. Varo Interior Design takes a client-driven approach to every project.  We are guided by integrity to create designs that will last and be loved.  We accomplish this by carefully detailing interiors in ways that encourage the highest levels of flexibility, durability, performance and appreciation. Our designs capture the spirit and vitality of the surrounding context, focusing on the integration of the project goals with the heritage of the built and natural environment. From client to client the context may vary, but we always produce designs inspired by the surroundings and reflect the uniqueness of its individual situation.  Our inherent nature is to be creative and artistic problem solvers. We believe that only through a collaborative process can excellent design be achieved. To that end we are open and inclusive, welcoming inspiration from all. Creating remarkable designs requires a high degree of empathy and a knack for helping clients take creative risks. We accomplish this by being responsive to our clients and by challenging the status quo.


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